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This song was written in India after meeting a friend who was a little more cautious than us, the voice of reason you might say. It reminded us of when we were younger, with less fear of consequences, and a whole lot more recklessness. It's written in the form of an angel and a devil on your shoulder, the faster singing being the angel who cautions you that what you're doing might be a little too outrageous. The second verse is about the longboard skating Mark used to do when he was younger. He went home when he was in his 20's and saw some of the hills he used to skate, and thought “there's no way I would do that now, I could've bloody died”. On the other hand, the devil in the song has an important message as well – sometimes you need to put a little more effort and a little more crazy into your day if you wanna make it to the top of the waterfall and jump.


When the waterfall full
Sometimes you got to climb a little
The hidden hill
Tree that tell a tale of hope
No one find it if they don't
Have a little feather
A little sliver of belief In there other bruddas

What about the water that is cold
What about the slime on the bottom of the track
Or the rope so old
That it frays every time that you swing
Singing like you didn't have a problem but it pays
To be cautious
Running so high that you
Looking down your nose
At the way that the guy
Like me
Says wait a minute brother
I don't wanna be the one who’s got to
Call the ambulance and then your mother
Say sorry miss Jackson but your son’s
Had another accident
Might never walk again

I’ll never say no to fun
I'm looking back on what we used to do
And it's closer to dumb
Risking this is what makes life taste
But you gotta let your brain catch up
With your running feet

So if man invent the wheel
Then he better use its full potential
Better still
Combine it with the gravity of slope
No one knows if there’s a car
No we didn't look that far
But it’s better to break bones
Than be still forever

What about the others on the road
What about the part where the trucks and the cars
Only looking for the quickest way to get to work
Certainly hurtling faster than you can possibly hope to go
Hope to god the timing’s right
Gotta have the courage
But suddenly drunkenly toppling
Towards that red light

Might mean you'll see the one
At the end of the tunnel first

I”ll never say no to fun
I'm looking back on what we used to
And it's closer to dumb
Risking it is what makes life taste
But you gotta let your brain catch up
With your running feet


from Little Man in My Head, released March 4, 2017
Music written and performed by Cheeky Chalk

Vocals by Mark Chapman
Music by Mitchel Hudson

Recorded and Mixed at Sound Machine Studios Melbourne

Mastered at Turtlerock Mastering

Artwork by Ivano Martini

Guest artists
Dave Cooper - drums, percussion
Paul Lambert - bass, percussion
Rachel Chapman - backing vocals



all rights reserved


Cheeky Chalk Australia

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